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About The MERCER



A generation of youth who are strong willed, socially aware and committed to having a positive impact on their communities.



To provide artistic and educational services to underserved youth through hip hop music and culture.


Eccentric Sence of Self Worth

As POC, Too often have our opinions been invalidated. That is ONLY when we as the Gods we are do not allow. We focus on music, healing, and education so that our word may be impeccable.

Leo Mercer

Leo Mercer is an artist and community organizer, born and raised in Oakland Ca. Leo is a student, father, and mentor of the youth in his community. His professional work dates back to 2009, advocating for communities of color in his city and neighboring cities. He has spoken to crowds of thousands on cultural and political issues affecting the Black community and the Hip Hop community. Leo aspires to be a cultural professional that changes the current narrative of hip hop music through education and stories.

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The Team

Natural Keyz


Keyz is a beat producing mogul, responsible for a lot of the production of many of MERCER's mixtape and album efforts.

Dymnd Jxhnny


Dymnd is what we like to call a "Dancing Rapper". His specials skills in choreography adds flair to most MERCER performances.



Fearoah is a Music Productionist that specializes in audio engineering. He is the lead DJ at most of our events.